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Business owners frequently employ compromise during contract negotiations with other businesses when each party stands to lose something valuable, such as a customer or necessary service.

Competition operates as a zero-sum game, in which one side wins and other loses.

In any situation involving more than one person, conflict can arise.

The causes of conflict range from philosophical differences and divergent goals to power imbalances.

If both parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement, it is said to be a 100/100 – meaning – it is a win/win for both of you.–––~~~••• O •••~~~–––Conclusion: You must keep in mind two things: First: There is no best style – the “best” style will depend on your specific situation.

It is up to you to assess the state of affairs and decide which style is best for your particular circumstance.

Collaboration, though useful, calls for a significant time commitment not appropriate to all conflicts.

For example, a business owner should work collaboratively with the manager to establish policies, but collaborative decision-making regarding office supplies wastes time better spent on other activities..

It is when you require the other party – by virtue of physical force, psychological force, political force, etc. If one of the parties in the conflict adopts the forcing style and the other party adopts the accommodating style (see below), this is said to be a 100/0 – meaning – the forcing party wins and the accommodating party loses.With a basic understanding of the five conflict management strategies, small business owners can better deal with conflicts before they escalate beyond repair.The accommodating strategy essentially entails giving the opposing side what it wants.It is when you trade something that you want for something that the other party also wants.If both parties in the conflict negotiate a mid-way agreement, it is said to be a 50/50 – meaning – both parties win and lose part of what they originally wanted.

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