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Please pray for her as this sick film destroyed her health but she is still fighting to clear her name and expose what the mormon cult did to her!

Jerome Rome - # - 2017-05-27 - (Reply) The Mormon religion is a sick made up joke.

The fact that we have a presidential candidate that believes this crap is almost as offensive as our current president that believes this crap. At least christianity is based on multiple accounts, but this is completely mormonic, i mean moronic.

This dude Smith finds these gold plates only he can read (Clue 1 that he's a con).

Truth jordan - #1.5 - 2015-02-21 - (Reply) Being a mormon i have also done wuite a bit of studying from both the book of mormon and the bible/he could only read them because god gave him two translating tools the urim and thumim/ polygomy has been looked down upon in our religion for over 100 yr./ the current president of the church is actually good friends with the pope, look up a picture/when the book of mormon 11 men all "witnessed" it/ Jack the Giant killer - #1.5.1 - 2015-07-23 - (Reply) There was no urim thummum he put his little rock in his little hat and shoved his face in it then started "translating" come on don't you totally brainwashed Mormons even read your own church printed propaganda? It scares me that so many smart intelligent people can fall for such a ridiculous fraud as this so called church it really does. only the high preist could go behind a curtain to see them.

Then to see them come on here and try to hide it away makes me sick! also people back in jesus' time were not as educated as we are now so jesus could of done a magic trick and the world would be like holy fuck its the son of god praise him.

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The reason = no factual truth behind their doctrine.john latour - # - 2014-08-15 - (Reply) i grew up in utah. That must mean their religion is all wrong and that they are teaching bad stuff!more than one of your bishops offered to suck my cock when i was only 11 years old. Just because a member of the church does something against what we believe, doesn't mean we are spreading lies about our church, or make it any less true. Great for week people like you dumb ass week simple mormons. - # - 2016-01-03 - (Reply) Bull fucking shit you Mormon cunt.Joseph Smith was the only one of Jesus' disciples to get shot in the face with a gun. One of the scariest things about Mormons, is that they have the capacity to believe anything... "(The book of Mormon) was done in a space of three months, using scribes while Smith translated (from golden plates) from behind a curtain." If the level of sophistication required to brainwash millions of people into a religion was displayed by Smith, we all have the capacity to start a religion.Of all religions, I would have to say the Mormonism is the most delusionally retarded. After all, there must be a group of people in the world that would tithe to a religion that was rooted in a story of a guy like me, sitting in my bathroom with a black light, reading my wall splattered feces like a Rorschach Inkblot Test. Brett - #1 - 2009-01-07 - (Reply) Complete friggin retards.

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