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(= she isn't here yet, and this is not normal) The price on this packet is wrong. Those boys shouldn't be playing football at this time. We use : She's been studying hard for the exam, so she should pass. (= Jack shouldn't go ...) It was a great party last night. She's been studying hard for the exam, so she ought to pass. 2 Fill in the blanks with CAN / CANT or MUST / MUSTNT. c) She ____________________(take care) of children when their parents arent at home. He __________________(deliver) all the letters on time. b) My employee _________________(prepare) all the delicious dishes for the guest from foreign countries. (may) ________________________________________________________________________ 2. (able) ________________________________________________________________________ 3. Student B:a client asking for advice Problems of clients are given below. Youve won the beauty contest Miss World and youre supposed to travel the whole year doing some charity work all over the world. If my family really got to know him they would like him. I just joined a great company but I have found one thing that I dont like: a co-worker who works no more than 3 hours in an 8-hour workday. They think he is weird and refuse to have him around. I do not want to tell him that he is not invited to my family's house because no one likes him.

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They dont answer their phone; they (go) away on their vacation. (cant) ________________________________________________________________________ 4. (could) ________________________________________________________________________ Unit 9. Modals: must, have to, need, should to say that we feel sure something is true: You've been travelling all day. (Travelling is tiring and you've been travelling all day, so you must be tired.) 'Jim is a hard worker.' 'Jim? Peter has just eaten, so he can't be hungry.) : She's a really nice person. (= I say this is necessary) I haven't phoned Ann for ages. (might) ________________________________________________________________________ 5. She was able to play the piano when she was only four. He's very lazy.' Carol must get very bored in her job. We use can't to say that we feel sure something is not possible: Peter has just had lunch. (People are not normally hungry just after eating a meal. (= it is not necessary for you to come) We've got plenty of time. 3 Fill in the blanks using proper Have To structure and match the examples with the pictures. I __________________(send) emails and offers to all our clients. Now, write what they have to do: Doctor _____________________________________________________________________________ Stewardess _________________________________________________________________________ Lawyer _____________________________________________________________________________ Footballer ___________________________________________________________________________ Singer ______________________________________________________________________________ Teacher _____________________________________________________________________________ 4 Use MUST / MUSTNT / HAVE TO or (NOT) HAVE TO.

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