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Known for their soulful and energetic live performances, Ashley & Simpson have been taking the music scene by storm.The duo appeals to a wide range of audiences while blending seamlessly across multiple genres."The Simpsons" has an eerie knack for predicting the future, from Donald Trump's presidency to U. beating Sweden for an Olympic gold medal in curling.Here are 14 times the long-running comedy series got it right.Dangers on a Train is a great episode that wraps up the season nicely.

Despite the rain, Ashlee dazzled in a gown decorated with pearls.Seth Mac Farlane did a brilliant job in this episode,voicing Ben,he is without a doubt one of the most talented voice actors there is, I am a huge fan of him, I never expected him to be on this show because I believed in that Simpsons/Family Guy rivalry,but that obviously isn't real.He was without a doubt the best guest star of this season,they also made great use of his singing voice in one scene, I liked that they got him the play an original character for a full episode instead of just a small cameo as himself.Here she meets Ben, who shares her love of British television period dramas but resists his request that they go away together, her loyalty being rewarded when she sees the newly-restored train.Dangers on a Train is a fantastic Simpsons episode,a brilliant conclusion to the twenty fourth season with a very enjoyable and well written storyline with plenty of very funny scenes.

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