Aspxgridview rowvalidating example

By default, the Order Date is grouped by Year, and summaries are automatically computed for values stored within the group.You can modify the manner in which group interval order is displayed on-screen by selecting values from the Date group interval combo box.Bands provide both display and usability benefits - They can be dragged to reorder all the columns associated with them.This is extremely useful if you need to provide a quick way to rearrange columns while preserving their logical grouping. NET Data Grid for Web Forms ships with Microsoft Excel inspired Conditional Formatting support - allowing you to highlight cells/rows based on specified criteria.When necessary, you can disable runtime sort options and handle all sort operations in code.Sort order is automatically indicated within the appropriate column using a glyph.When set to Hide Data Cells (Responsive Layout), the Grid automatically hides columns one by one when the browser window is resized and cell text truncated.

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Formatting Rules can be generated at design time or programmatically.You are never limited to how information is displayed for detail records - Detail Rows can display any type of information, such as collapsible row preview sections.Additionally, the Grid View allows you to use a tabbed UI metaphor for Master-Detail Data representation so you can simplify the manner in which information is displayed on screen and give users a functional way with which to view sibling detail data using a built-in Tab Control. NET Grid View ships with a multi-row header designed to help you organize grid columns into logical groups (Bands).The following built-in aggregate functions are available: Average, Count, Max, Min and Sum.To help improve readability when data is grouped, our ASP.

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