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Keegan, who is dating Quiet and contained, this film feels like a TV movie due to its somewhat gentle look at a serious issue. And it has something significant to say as well, without ever preaching.

Elisabeth (Blethyn) is a widow living in Guernsey, and when she hears about the 7 July 2005 bombings, she immediately phones her daughter in London to make sure she's OK.

Called Orange Aids, his range of 200 devices, brought to market over the ensuing two decades, included scissors you could operate with your feet, and a tin opener that worked one-handed.

Though initially a great success, the venture eventually failed because rival companies would redesign his products, then apply for their own patent.

The TV show proposed using educational radio programmes to tackle the spread of HIV, but berated the fact that in remote communities, where mains electricity was non-existent and batteries exorbitant, working radios were few and far between.

Baylis promptly had what he called ‘a light-bulb moment’, deciding that people could ‘harness their own hand power to push a spring to drive a dynamo, which would in turn run a radio’. Then he pulled strings to have it featured on the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World.

‘I was a mechanical engineer by the time I was five or six.’As a teenager, he swam for Great Britain, narrowly failing to make it to the 1956 Melbourne Olympics after leaving school (‘I missed qualifying by a 1/10th of a second, but I try not to dwell’) before deciding, having completed National Service, to become a salesman for a company that sold free-standing swimming pools.

That allowed them to get a new patent, and therefore take control of the product.Sure enough, the charismatic Baylis and his radio seized the public imagination. Soon a team of foreign investors were on board, and by 1996 his Freeplay radio was being sold across Sub-Saharan Africa.The original had a clockwork mechanism with an ingenious double-spiral spring.The pools sold like hot cakes, and Baylis was soon being offered jobs as a stuntman.During the Sixties he worked alongside Peter Cook and Dudley Moore — before enjoying a stint as a circus performer in Berlin, where he would be tied up, blindfolded, and submerged 10ft underwater, while dressed as an Egyptian pharaoh.

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