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The New Hebrides achieved independence (as Vanuatu) in , with Belize following suit in .144 The contributions of Australian and New Zealand troops during the Gallipoli Campaign against the Ottoman Empire had a great impact on the national consciousness at home, and marked a watershed in the transition of Australia and New Zealand from colonies to nations in their own right.Pubblicato: 12 aprile 2018 Xion, The spelling 37 and it is not used at all in the US:.The primary aim of these companies was to tap into the lucrative spice trade, an effort focused mainly on two regions; the East Indies archipelago, and an important hub in the trade network, India.73 defeated Loyalists had migrated from the new United States following independence.

40 The colonies soon adopted the system of sugar plantations successfully used by the Portuguese in Brazil, which depended on slave labour, andat first Dutch ships, to sell the slaves and buy the sugar.

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, goods produced by slavery became less important to the British economy.

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