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Please don’t jump in with the Rock Watermans and Denver Snuffers criticizing the church for the lack of real prophecy in recent history.We all know what a prophet is and isn’t, so please take one side or the other.

I also added a new bubble, which strikes more at the root cause and which spans across all categories.The big overlying issue here, touching all the other categories, the elephant in the room, is the disbelief and lack of trust that is what I believe is the growing area here that the church has never quite had to deal with in this big of a way.Information in the internet age is exploding and causing many to doubt the dominant narrative of scripture historicity, factual accuracy of church foundational events, God speaking directly and specifically to prophets.Thoba, a black convert, vented to her mother, Julia, about the mistreatment she felt from white members one day at church. They think the church is weak because we’re not more strict or the prophet doesn’t speak directly for God.Her mother said, “Oh, Thoba, the Church is like a big hospital and we are all sick in our own way. I’m not sure it’s any bigger than it ever has been. Julie Rowe and the tent city group appears poised to take a few more. They view scripture as God’s God-breathed handbook for man..

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