Consolidating audio files logic

We're also seeing a fairly consistent failure in Logic to reassemble the AAF file properly.

Occasionally you'll see a region that is labelled correctly and in the right spot but playing the wrong audio.

You never know when your favorite software instrument or effects plug-in will lose functionality or support.

Or a band has made its album in Logic and the mixer works in Pro Tools or vice versa.But to make collaborating simple and flexible, you can export all your tracks as audio files (without any mix settings) for easy importing into other DAWs.To export your tracks as audio, do the following: When you export all your tracks as audio files, you’re also future-proofing your tracks.This is the fundamental point of most people's frustration and trouble with OMF and AAF files.These notes were made bouncing around between Pro Tools 10 and Logic 9. Unfortunately, you'll need to find this heinously named badboy in the Audio Files folder of the AAF folder.

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