Consolidating loans with salli mae

I stumbled upon this approach while helping another borrower whose private loan was in a delinquent status.

Sallie Mae was calling daily and this borrower, lets call him Fred, could not afford his payments.

This article will focus on my experience in getting interest rates lowered with Sallie Mae.

If you are less interested in how I got my rates lowered and more interested in getting your rates lowered here is .

Then I asked her about the “rate reduction plan.” She said she couldn’t do that and that I would have to talk with the collections people.

Please also include the lender you were working with so that we can help as many people as possible.

Sallie Mae student loans are an excellent source of financial aid for your college education.

They have far more authority to help than the typical customer service person.

Fred had missed months worth of payments and had a back due balance of thousands.

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