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Rather, each discussion will grapple with issues presented by the facts as students assume the role of the litigators assigned to the case.Throughout the semester, students will acquire the tools necessary for both prosecutors and defense lawyers to properly investigate, prepare and bring to trial a serious and complex criminal case. Rather, students will be expected to conduct original research and draft three motions during the course of the semester.Advanced Issues in Corporate Law - Corporations and Human Rights (2 hrs., Rome) Throughout the world, corporations play increasingly important roles with respect to human rights.The manner in which corporations deal with natural resources, supply chains, the environment, and a host of other issues, as well as the ways in which corporations interact with international, national, regional and local authorities, can profoundly impact human rights.The purpose, formation, operation and termination of partnerships will be examined. The course also focuses on ethical issues and legal analysis relevant to the ADR methods. Topics include the history of Federal Indian law and policy; relationships among Indian tribes, states, and the federal government; the scope of congressional "plenary power" over Indian affairs; civil and criminal jurisdiction in Indian country; Indian religion and culture; water, fishing and hunting rights; and self-determination and nation building. A study of those federal statutes intended to preserve the benefits of competition in unregulated industries.Agency and partnership law is tested on the Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia and many other state bar examinations. The course considers the impact of the Sherman Act, the Clayton Act as amended by the Robinson-Patman Act, and the Federal Trade Commission Act on the practices and structure of American business.Students will review the trial record for appealable issues, submit an appellate brief, and argue the case orally before panels of judges and attorneys at the Appellate Advocacy Competition.

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Instruction will focus on the presentation of a simulated case to a federal or state appellate court.

This course offers to students a review of all seven subjects that are currently tested on the Multistate Bar Examination: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Property, and Torts.

For each subject, students will be offered a review of all or some critical portion of the legal doctrine in that subject area that is tested on the Multistate Bar Examination, followed by detailed in-class analysis of actual Multistate Bar Examination questions and, in some cases, state essay questions in that subject.

The final exam in the course will consist of multiple-choice questions designed to look very much like actual Multistate Bar Examination questions.

This is a survey course that introduces students to major legal issues relating to visual art.

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