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What's so alluring about porn, or cybersex, that we cling to it in such massive numbers?Or is this just an obsession with the novelty of virtual sex, a rash of "addiction" that will wear itself out in the next few years?But I would expect a premium site with almost 16 million members to have at least one interesting chat room, wouldn't you?And good cyber must still exist, if 8 million people are addicted to it.We've been talking about that in the forum, too.

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Considering how sophisticated our online sex technology has become, and how easy it is for newbies to find it, perhaps it's not surprising that we're experiencing a temporary epidemic., researchers John Bargh and Katelyn Mc Kenna conclude that a rise in depression upon first using the internet is followed by increased happiness and real-world social activity among regular internet users – but that initial year or two seems to be a doozy for those who get carried away.

The problem is that it's hard to figure out exactly what researchers mean when they talk about online sex addiction.

To me, porn and cybersex are such completely different animals, pursued for different reasons, that lumping them together doesn't give us any real answers about what people actually find addictive.

That's not filling.)Cybersex, on the other hand, is active – interactive – and it involves a lot more than just your visual cortex.

Good cybersex requires imagination, communication, emotion. It always involves an element of suspense, because you can't be certain what the other person is going to do.

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