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A judge since ruled that he could run as Seven Albert Chavez Lodge.

(His current campaign page on Facebook lists him as Steven Chavez Lodge). I’m sure Meghan King Edmonds is already on the case!

Producer Quincy Jones had placed it there because dozens of the nation's biggest singers were walking through that door, and he had exactly one night to cut a record that would save lives by raising money to help alleviate a famine in Ethiopia.

The result, USA for Africa's "We Are the World," was released 30 years ago, on March 7th, 1985.

The 46 vocalists who showed up may have formed the ultimate musical supergroup of all time, and the mission was serious, but the vibe was loose.

Seriously – it’s like Vicki blew all her Love Tank good luck with Donn, and since then it has been dud after dud. Wouldn’t that be a fun storyline for Real Housewives Of Orange County?! Anyway, Steve, a former police officer turned city government consultant, had a disastrous attempt at running for city councilman in 2012.The reason for Steve’s spectacular failing had to do with his record as an officer in the San Tana police force where he was charged with multiple conduct violations, and according to the OC Weekly, was the subject of several excessive force lawsuits – including a case where a jaywalker received a 2,000 settlement as a result of Steve’s treatment.Another of Steve’s victims was wrongfully imprisoned for murder (but has since been released). Steve, a would-be politician is currently running for Anaheim City Council under the platform that his past law enforcement experience will protect the city’s future, but Steve’s own past as an alleged dirty cop may come back to haunt him! Just when you think it couldn’t possibly be worse than Brooks Ayers comes news that Steve has a sleazy past all his own!

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