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Even when you discover the pieces of your website that weren’t indexed properly, it's extremely difficult to get to the bottom of the problem and find the fragments of code responsible for the indexing problems. Recently, Ilya Grigorik from Google shared one of the most valuable insights into how crawlers work: Interestingly, this tweet didn’t get nearly as much attention as I would expect.Knowing that Chrome 41 is the technology behind the Web Rendering Service is a game-changer.As soon as Google launched Google Panda, people rushed to their server logs and crawling stats and began fixing their index bloat.All those problems didn’t exist in the “SEO = backlinks” era from a few years ago.Once your website includes more than HTML and CSS, there's a lot of guesswork into how your content will be indexed by Google.This approach is risky, expensive, and can fail multiple times.

That being said, we still don’t know how exactly Google crawls our websites.One noticeable difference is that the Google Search Console bot doesn’t respect the file.There may be more, but for the time being, we're not able to point them out. However, sometimes (not often) there's a situation in which Chrome 41 renders a page properly, but the screenshots from Google Fetch and Render suggest that Google can’t handle the page.This lets us troubleshoot and better diagnose problems.For example, we ran into a problem with indexing Polymer's generated content.

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