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Whether you’re into online dating or not, there’s no denying that it’s more popular now than ever. You may remember our piece about NYC wingwoman extraordinaire, Erin Davis.Erin wears many hats, including that of a dating coach, social concierge, and strategic introducer.🙂 But once you get dates online, how can you make sure they go as well as you want? and we even got our hands on real-life conversations between men & women on dating apps… here they are: 3 Proven Ways to Turn Your First Dates Into Second Ones (Or More)…We’ve got just the trick for that: Just like Erin has used her personal expertise & knowledge to discover ways for you to get more first dates online…

First, you make sure to choose the three best women to talk to on the apps you use.As a result, keeping up the conversation becomes really exhausting, and can prevent you from having meaningful conversations that lead to dates. and that frustration can also prevent you from getting more real-life dates.Erin knows this all too well, which is why she made this rule: I know it may seem strange at first, but trust me–it’s worth a try.This forces you to truly consider your options and weed out the women who probably weren’t a good match anyway.Second, you can’t rely on small talk to carry your conversation and get you that first date.

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