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This Program Covers ALL ELEMENTS Of Success With Women From inner game and how to build your self-confidence and improve your self-image…to big picture concepts and ideas that solve the mystery of why women choose one man over another… explained to you in rapid fire, and repeated in affirmation-style. such as wanting to learn “pickup lines” and techniques… This program is designed to give you the FULL SPECTRUM… We start off with the “big picture” ideas and concepts… while most others spend their whole lives struggling… Over the years I’ve figured out some very interesting theories and ideas around this… I’m going to HAMMER my very best “moves” and “techniques” into your brain… and after we’re finished, you’re going to be able to take any line or technique and integrate it into your game quickly, easily… so you will never be a slave to “memorized” pickup lines… and the driving ideas behind them that make it so you DON’T NEED THEM (because when you know WHY they work, you can create on the fly…) It’s a summary of YEARS of my best stuff taught by me personally… I’m going to ingrain the formulas and theories behind ALL of the best techniques inside of your head… When you know WHY something works, you can easily duplicate it in your own way… the best part about this is that it will give you the ability to create YOUR OWN lines and techniques …to practical, “field-tested” techniques that any guy can use to get INSTANT results… EVERYTHING you need to have success with women is in here. The Concepts Can Be Applied Anywhere The material in this program is universal…

Words trigger responses in our brains, and NLP can be used for all sorts of self-help purposes.Finally, remember that many call it the "game" because it's supposed to be fun!Our latest dating content can be found in the Dating category in our new magazine format.The idea here is to offer dating advice for men from some of the best experts around.The theories and tactics of pick-up artists have come a long way in the past 15 years, so we'll be laying out some of the best for your review.

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