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We get to see the monsters munching on aeroplanes and helicopters as if they’re chocolate snacks and scattering armies as if they’re toys.

The wolf has a ravenous appetite which it can only satisfy by eating as many soldiers as possible.

Nor can they do anything about the enormous wolf, which has also quaffed down some of the growth substance and is likewise on a wrecking spree.

The special effects are the film’s strongest element.

Thanks to Johnson’s ever-likeable, ever-monolithic screen persona and the film’s sense of its own ridiculousness, retains a certain charm.Dwayne Johnson is same the likeable, impassive presence he is in every other action movie.All the death and destruction around him never upsets him.George takes it and, in no time at all, the friendly ape has grown to King Kong size, escaped from the sanctuary and gone on the rampage.Cops and special forces are after him, but are powerless to stop him.

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