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It can be hard to try to address every single factor.

And some, such as slower reflexes, may be impossible to reverse.

In other words, you’ll be able to personalize your approach to fall prevention. You don’t want your mom to start by spending a lot of time on tai chi, if her current major risk for falls might be that her blood pressure medications are too strong, or her eyesight is terrible.

Also, don’t assume that most doctors will identify and manage the most important risk factors for falls.

Instead, they want to know things like “How do I keep my mother from falling? My grandfather’s been falling.” After all, falls are a scary thing.

Most people know that falls are dangerous for older adults.

If you want to learn more, you’re in the right place.

But you’ll be most effective in preventing falls if you can get your doctors to help you understand your loved one’s personal fall risk factors. Or better yet, take our online Personalizing Fall Prevention Mini-Course, and I’ll help you identify the fall risk factors most likely to matter in YOUR situation.

And if that 20-year-old happens to be tipsy, it will take even less of a trigger to provoke a fall.

Illness or weakness is another situation that will reduce anyone’s ability to stay upright.

If this event overwhelms our ability to remain upright, down we go.

When we’re young and healthy, we tend to have lots of ability to stay upright.

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