Female muscle intimidating

The rest of the women on the list find themselves here because they went a tad too far with their muscular physique.

The aren't not beautiful in their own way, just not the conventional way.

With the nickname "thunder thighs", it is to be expected that she found herself on this side of the list. Her spectacular career inevitably ended with her being inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame.

Before she earned her pro card she placed first in every amateur competition she participated in except for only two at the very beginning of her career. Thanks so much @sportlifeclub for the opportunity to share my experience with Russian people who love sport!

As a young girl competing in gymnastics, her coaches noticed she had a unique physique and encouraged her to become a bodybuilder.

Honestly if she shaved her head she could probably compete at the male level and no one would even bat an eye.Before she turned pro she won both European and World overall championship titles.This lead her to receiving her pro card after five years of amateur competition.It is man's instinct to be attracted to the best looking female that has the best “assets,” and female bodybuilders definitely have curves in the right places.But no guy wants to feel like his girl can throw him around like a rag doll (well maybe most guys anyway).

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