Festival days sim dating game cheats zach braff who is he dating

~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER~~~~~~~~~~ Use the following Cheat Code at the bottle on the beach to get about 630 EXP for each use with Kaoru.

NOTE: do not put ANY capitals or spaces in the cheat codes or else they won't work.

It is OKAY if you say the wrong thing to a boy, because you can just try again, and there are only two options for each dialogue. When you first get to know him he is dating a girl named Hana, but their relationship soon ends, causing him to be free.

*EDIT* TIP: With the Stats, having the EXP for the boy of your choice anywhere over 3500 will get you the "best ending". NOTE: This Contains spoilers, I will make a note of when a spoiler (the ending) is about to show, it is up to you whether you want to look at it or zoom past it. Gifts that Mako likes are: Soccer Ball : 25 EXP Watch : 25 EXP Mp3 : 25 EXP Lunchbox : 30 EXP Cookies : 30 EXP For the Cultural Festival Mako is participating in the "Haunted House".

NOTE: i am putting them all in capitals so it easier to read, however when your at the bottle at the beach they MUST be lower case.

There are 12 different endings and many side events to keep players entertained.

Help your character to find a date within 30 days and see if the rumour is true that if you attend your schools festival together your love will last forever in the fun dating game Festival Days Sim Date.

This post is all about "Festival Days Sim Date", a game where you have 30 days to get a boyfriend (You are a girl) for the cultural Festival at your high school.

I am gonna tell you about the boys you can choose from, cheats, and ending results.

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