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Despite the pervasiveness of institutionalized racism throughout the state, Blacks in Austin established a vibrant, thriving community in the Eastern part of the city.

A number of independent, Black-owned businesses were established there, as Diverse Arts founder and director Harold Mc Millan describes in a 1999 interview.

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It was necessary to create an all-Black institution as the Texas Constitution of 1876 required segregated schools.

The historically Black institution in East Austin became Huston-Tillotson after the 1952 merger of two colleges birthed out of the American Missionary Society of Congregational church.

The history of segregation in Austin dating to 1928 is critical to understanding the context of The University of Texas at Austin’s efforts to integrate students of color at the graduate level in the 1950s.

Austin’s history of social and cultural isolation provides a window into an era in which African Americans were relocated en masse out of the central city, thus influencing the educational and social landscape of the capitol city.

Newly empowered by the Supreme Court decision in the years following , the Texas legislature passed a number of laws that specifically targeted the rights of African American Texans.The plan outlines that the “negro district and that all facilities and conveniences be provided to the negroes in this district, as an incentive to draw the negro population to this area.This will eliminate the necessity of duplication of white and black schools, white and black parks, and other duplicate facilities for this area.[2]” By 1932, city records show that nearly the entire black population had been moved to the Negro District.Opening its doors in 1877 as Tillotson Collegiate and Normal Institute, the school began classes on January 17, 1881.In comparison, The University of Texas didn’t formally opened until 1883.

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