Matt nordgren dating audrina

He confirmed dating her saying, “she is an amazing woman.” To which my sister responded, “Well that’s good to know since you can’t tell from the show.” Matt was a BACKUP (played about 4 downs) QB at the University of Texas behind Vince Young.

He was picked up by the Eagles for about 3 practice throws and was then dropped.

We know Oprah will threaten Lindsay if she effs up or starts hanging around with the wrong crowd again too.

For those of you who didn't catch Bravo's one season wonder about singles living it up in Dallas, here's some info about the new guy in Li Lo's life.1. (That is, unless you want Jake to start crying again.) Rumor has it that Matt started going on dates with Vienna Girardi from around the end of summer 2010, not long after Vienna and Jake had announced their thorny breakup. Matt told Page Six that he met Lindsay seven years ago, through a mutual friend.6.

My sister, who was good friends with this guy, Matt Nordgren in high school in Dallas, TX, still keeps in contact with him.

She saw pics of him and Audrina and proceeded to talk to him about it on facebook IM.

Matt said he is NOT going to be on the upcoming season of The Hills though because they start filming next week and he has a lot of “business” to attend to outside of LA. the best part about this is that they are dating and Audrina doesn’t know that Matt has a daughter and that he is not a part of his daughters life because he is too immature and selfish now that he is a star f*cker.

He tends to use his “I played in the NFL” status to hang around celebs…being seen at Mavs games sitting with Lance Armstrong. The picture of just the two of them came with the caption, “All smiles.” Let me know if you have any questions! Although he is fully capable of being a father, he considers her an inconvenience due to his current lifestyle.- nik **Dirty Army, lets get all the dirty on him.

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According to the insiders, this split is pretty clear-cut: He's doing Ashley Horn. Seriously: "Their work schedules and the distance just make dating impossible. He thinks she is back on top, emotionally and physically." So, she was on top of him physically. And because of said improvement in her health and well-being, "He respects her sobriety and wishes her the absolute best.The country may buy into his bs after the show, but no Texan will, as we all know what he is like.This guy is the biggest POSER in the world, please tell me the network heads at Bravo are not that stupid?But according to multiple sources, that relationship is already DONZO!Is he once again linked to Well, it's better than hearing about a screaming match!

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