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We predicted that our question about teachers and guns would bring in many new commenters, and it did. Please know that your voices are especially important on issues like this one.

Thanks and welcome to new students from Burlington, Vt.; Caruthers, Calif.; Cinnaminson, N. Enjoy the collection, and don’t worry if yours wasn’t chosen this time — just continue to post, because we love reading what you have to say. ” brought in by far the most comments from students this week — in fact, they were still coming in as we compiled this page.

Having more guns would just cause more shootings and access to these guns. Having fire arms in school would also cause students to feel less safe and more likely to be targeted if you are in a heated situation, you would always have to watch your back.

This would distract students from learning because they will constantly be worried about someone who isn’t a police officer is carrying a weapon.

How would teachers get enough money to have proper gun training when they don’t even have enough money for school supplies?

It is not practical to purchase guns for teachers and training with guns where teachers need materials to do their job; teach.

Instead, I think we should aim towards better enhancing security in our schools.

This could range from increasing the amount of highly trained officers around the campus to just being more discipline of who enters and exits the building. Most teachers aren’t ex police officers or soldiers, and while you can train someone to fire a gun, it’s another thing to point and shoot it at someone.

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Another point that Trump brought up was “a little bit of a bonus” given to armed teachers.I feel that letting those know that there is advanced security on school grounds will make them feel safer and make people think twice when attempting to do something as awful as what happened in Florida earlier this month. Teachers are just like the students in the sense that they want to survive a crisis situation, and whether all of them would be able to confront an intruder and hold a gun to their head (possibly the head of one of their students) is debatable.Neither are they trained to handle the effects afterwards, as Mr.This site is currently not available to citizens of all countries in the world. But those people became members before we restricted our geographical target.

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