Saxparserfactory validating

No problem, I thought, I’ll just turn off validation and then it won’t matter. Even with validation switched off, it still tries to load it and I get a File Not Found Exception.

However, by delving in the source code I finally found that if you switch off two features, then it does ignore the external DTD.

at line 344, column 92 Error: Attribute "href" must be declared for element type "xinclude:include".

at line 344, column 92 Error: Attribute "parse" must be declared for element type "xinclude:include". is complaining about the XInclude elements I use to merge in source code examples like Example 7.9. They need to be replaced before the file becomes valid.

at line 344, column 92 Error: The content of element type "programlisting" must match "(#PCDATA|footnoteref|xref|abbrev|acronym|citation|citerefentry |citetitle|emphasis|firstterm|foreignphrase|glossterm|footnote |phrase|quote|trademark|wordasword|link|olink|ulink|action |application|classname|methodname|interfacename|exceptionname |ooclass|oointerface|ooexception|command|computeroutput|database |email|envar|errorcode|errorname|errortype|filename|function |guibutton|guiicon|guilabel|guimenu|guimenuitem|guisubmenu |hardware|interface|keycap|keycode|keycombo|keysym|literal |constant|markup|medialabel|menuchoice|mousebutton|option |optional|parameter|prompt|property|replaceable|returnvalue |sgmltag|structfield|structname|symbol|systemitem|token|type |userinput|varname|anchor|author|authorinitials|corpauthor |modespec|othercredit|productname|productnumber|revhistory|remark |subscript|superscript|inlinegraphic|inlinemediaobject |inlineequation|synopsis|cmdsynopsis|funcsynopsis|classsynopsis |fieldsynopsis|constructorsynopsis|destructorsynopsis |methodsynopsis|indexterm|beginpage|co|lineannotation)*". Once I do that, the merged file (ch07.xml) is valid: , as shown in Example 7.10.

Assuming a validating parser, the parsing process merges a document that was originally split across multiple parsed entities into a single entity.

Since these are checked exceptions, you’ll need to either catch these exceptions or declare that your method throws them. However, most parsers also support some non-standard, custom properties.

Both features and properties are named by absolute URIs.Parsers are not required to report lexical data; but if they want to do so, SAX provides a standard callback interface they can use, .Then it parses the document indicated on the command line.Here each callback method in the The document that's output may not be quite the same as the document that was read. General entity references will probably have been resolved.Parts of the prolog, especially the DOCTYPE declaration, may be missing.

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