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When Albert sees Dessi, a shy foreigner who works at a fish market, he insists she is perfect for the challenge.As Rex teaches Dessi to model, he falls in love with her.Click here to open photo gallery Japanese/ Chinese crew and talent, winner of 'Angel Peace Award' Actor/Singer Yasutaka, Japan, Chinese Director Jiang QINGMIN "MY AIRHOSTESS ROOMMATE & AFA Jury Member Martin KISZCO.Click here to open photo gallery AFA Winners & Jury on stage from left AFA award winning actor Carlos Leon, actor Scott Elrod, Dean Bentley AFA Executive Producer, AFA award winning actress Elika Portnoy, Rosana Golden AFA Executive Director, Todd Norwood Director Tricks Of A Woman, Jury members journalist Reem Azmy, actress Keiko Kobayashi, Silvia Kratzer, T. Mohan, actress Elmira Metreveli, Miss Great Britain Gemma Garrett, President of Jury Camilla Rutherford. The winners on stage holding the Angel is Ling Jinyu - Beijing Party Secretary & Director of the Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre; Aiken Zou - Gorwen Investment; Li Jie - Stellar Mega Films Beijing; Li Dong- Goldstone Pictures; head of jury Zeudi Araya Cristaldi; Rebecca Tranter; Lamitta Frangieh jury board Festival director/producer Rosana Golden & Dean Bentley interview on China Television with lead actors of the Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre – in traditional costumes Zhu Bingzhen; Weng Jiahui and Director & Vice President of the Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre - Ling Jinyu Holding the coveted ANGEL AWARDS TROPHY Rosana Golden Festival artistic director and the Jury President Roland Joffé universally praised and two-time Oscar nominated, Palme d’Or winning film director; in line with jury members Italian actress Antonella Salvucci, British actress and top model/fashion designer Claire Farwell and Dean Bentley festival co-founder – executive producer A standing ovation for “THE LOVE OF CHILDREN” directed by the courageous and passionate Canadian director Ashid Bahl who won the coveted ANGEL TROPHY AWARD for the film that best expressed the spirit of the festival – Ashid Bahl on stage with jury members and President of jury Roland Joffé, festival director/producer Rosana Golden, Dean Bentley, Babita Sharma AFA Host and the official jury members A multiple winner in the AFA Short Film category was for the epic historical drama, ‘SHOES’ (Belarus/Russia/USA), directed by the multi-talented Costa Fam who picked up a staggering six awards on stage with jury member Italian actress Antonella Salvucci Winner - Best Feature Film & Best Angel Peace Award 'Cherkess' Jordan! Karl Bardosh, Festival Director Rosana Golden, Dean Bentley Festival Producer, British Actress & Member of Jury Sophie Berenice, AFA Award Winning Writer/Director Mohydeen Quandour holds his Angel Trophy together with Awards Winning Jordanian Actress Sahar Beshara playing role of Bedouin Girl (Hind) won Best Actress in 'Cherkess', next to Actor Ruslan Firov-now Minister of Culture Kabardine Balkarian Republic of the Russian Federation. As he was presented with his Angel Film Award Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his life long commitment to the acting profession and for his inspiring contribution to the world of film and entertainment.Sir David Jason won Best Director Award for 'All The Away Up'! Winner - Clap for Best Short Film 'All The Way Up' UK!See full summary » Daryl Graham (Lamman Rucker) has just moved into a Jamaica, Queens, apartment building and his neighbors, both male and female alike, can't stop talking about him.

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Dessi, a down and out young woman, is wasting her life away.Released 2008, 'Tricks of a Woman' stars Scott Elrod, Elika Portnoy, Carlos Leon, Dennis Lemoine.The R movie has a runtime of about 1 hr 30 min, and received a score of (out of 100) on Metacritic, which compiled reviews from respected critics. for more go to award winners & archives Winner Best Short Film LOVE IS BLIND (l’AMOUR REND A VEUGLE) France scooped 4 awards – directed by American/French actress Sabine Crossen she won Best Director, Eliza Calmat won Best Actress and Winner for Best Editing Yorgos Lamprinos The awards night on stage jury president Zeudi Araya Cristaldi; festival producer/director Dean Bentley, Rosana Golden; host of ceremonies Carole Ann Rice; jury members Rebecca Tranter; Yvonne Scio; Lamitta Frangieh & Eun Oh The award winning epic film that best expressed the spirit of the festival "A Dream of Red Mansions" is one of China's four great classical novels and is considered a masterpiece of Chinese literature with its author Cao Xueqin regarded as China's Dante or Shakespeare.This landmark Chinese movie had its World Premiere at the AFA in Monaco early December and now is being screened throughout China.

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