Shroud of turin carbon 14 dating

In the resting position he could not breathe and would have to prop himself up again.Depending on the general strength and physical condition of the victim, this excruciating cycle could last a few hours or a few days.At the ends of the lash marks seemed to be contusions of a type that could have been inflicted by a Roman whip called the 'flagrum' whose thongs were tipped with bits of lead or bone.Clearly the figure on the shroud has suffered savage and humiliating treatment.This agonizing shifting of the body's position, where the victim had to repeatedly push himself up and lower himself, would cause the blood from the wounds in the wrists, to flow in two different angles. For one thing, they learned that the image is completely superficial, it lies on the topmost fibrils of the thread and has not penetrated at all.

Trickles on the head and arms, splotches on the side, wrist and feet and multitudes of what appeared to be lash marks.

Water, used to put out the fire, left large and unsightly stains. The image itself mist-like sepia impressions seemed to fade into the cloth as I moved in closer.

It was necessary to back off for the eye to resolve details.

The Shroud is in the care of the Roman Catholic Church. The Shroud has a large number of devotees in the Church, clerics and laymen alike, who revere the cloth as the genuine grave garment of Jesus Christ.

Despite the overwhelming weight of the evidence available at present which tends to substantiate the authenticity of the Shroud, the remote possibility still remains, that it could nevertheless turn out to be a clever hoax at some future time.

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