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There's also other characters to service and write for, so that might come back around, but what we do see is Jay lost. He's finding someone to connect with but it may be in the wrong place.

He's making decisions and making choices in his life that he would not have made previous to these experiences, and because of that, we see him really messing up and making some bad choices. And he's kind of going, ' Screw it, who cares what people think?

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"[He's] making some bad choices," Soffer tells jumped on the phone with Soffer to discuss all that plus his research for Wednesday's episode, the "shift" in season five under new showrunner Rick Eid and Bush's exit.Who cares what the right thing to do is or the wrong thing to do is?I'm just going to do what I want to do,' and that's not like him so that will be interesting.It gives it just a subtle shift that kind of takes over.It's been a really interesting experience to know a character so well and to have played him for so many years and then to get to change some things.

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