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The 18-year-old male student and Boncal both told police that the relationship began when he asked for her phone number in December, according to a five-page arrest warrant affidavit for Boncal. School officials said the 18-year-old is not a member of the track team. 13 and had sex at Boncal’s residence on different occasions, starting on Christmas and with the last encounter on Jan.

She told police that she taught social sciences and that the 18-year-old was in some of the classes. 11, they both acknowledged, according to the affidavit.“She stated that the victim was kind to her,” police said in the affidavit.

In the letter, Roumel said the mother of Mark’s girlfriend, who disapproved of the relationship, made the complaint.

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He said there were never any sexual advances made by Mark while she was a student. If you do, and you blow us off just once between now and graduation, I can't be held responsible for the wrath I will bring. Why on earth did that lawyer ever present this email?

"But for a single peck on the cheek, there was never any intimate contact while (she) was a student," the letter says. I care too much, and where matters of the heart are concerned, human beings are most illogical... I'm a very passionate man and you know where you stand with me, but please, don't break my heart any more. I can see how easily this email can be read into as one thing or another.

He provided an e-mail from Mark to the student, which he said was misrepresented by district administrators as a "love letter." A portion of that e-mail reads: “I've said too much. On one hand, it really could be an overzealous ' You can do it! On the other hand, it could reveal that there was a romantic relationship between a teacher and student.

Huron High School orchestra teacher Chris Mark's relationship with a former student was nothing more than a passionate educator trying to reach a troubled student, his attorney argues.

But the district, in its investigation that could lead to tenure charges against Mark, accused him of engaging in an inappropriate relationship that including “grooming” and “abuse of trust," the attorney says in a six-page letter to the Ann Arbor school board obtained by Ann

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