Updating firmware on sony blu ray player successful dating profiles

IMPORTANT: The upgrade cannot be performed unless the system is set to BD/DVD function.- At the xross media bar menu, use the arrow keys on the remote control to select Setup - System Settings, and then press the ENTER button.- Use the arrow keys to select Quick Start Mode and make sure that the Quick Start Mode is set to Off.

Note: If the Quick Start Mode is set to On, change the setting to Off.

Failure to follow the instructions may interrupt the upgrade process and may cause the Blu-ray Disc/DVD Home Theatre System to be unresponsive or to require repair.

Note: The firmware upgrade process usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on system configuration and network connection.

Remove any discs that are in the Samsung Blu-ray player and press the "Menu" button on the remote control.

Select "Settings." Choose "Support" and select "Software Upgrade." Select "By Internet." A message will appear saying the Blu-ray player is connecting to a server.

If you're performing the update over a wireless connection, it also depends on the speed of that connection.Power on the television and make sure it is tuned to the inputs to which the Blu-ray Disc/DVD Home Theatre System is connected.Connect the LAN(100) terminal on the player to your Internet source using an Ethernet cable.- Power on the Blu-ray Disc/DVD Home Theatre System.- If there is a disc in the player, please remove the disc.- Press the FUNCTION button repeatedly until BD/DVD function appears in the front panel display.Note: The * changes to 0 through 9 indicating the download progress.- After the download is complete, the upgrade starts and UPDATING appears on the player front panel display.- The firmware upgrade is complete when COMPLETE appears on the player front panel display.- WARNING: Do not operate or power off the player until this message is displayed.

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