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If that is not an option the 2014 National Electric Code (NEC) allows for alternate acceptable upgrades for 2-wire systems.It is also much cheaper at about per receptacle.To ensure that the power is all the way off, go to your breaker and flip the switch to the room you're working in.Cut Stikwood to match measurements using a utility knife or any of the other tools shown.However it can be a challenge to find contributors to cover governmental news, Patel said.Two other challenges that the site faces are funding, because it relies on contributions from the community, and awareness that the site exists.There’s a select group of contributors who are paid to cover breaking news, Har said, and the company maintains a robust internship program.

Broadcast journalists typically reach out to eyewitnesses of an event through social media platforms, a process which Boyer called decentralized and chaotic.“It’s not staff dictating what should be written about.Community members are stepping up and writing their own stories.”The site covers a wide range of subjects, including the economy and business, arts and entertainment, health, sports and food.Editors do send feedback to writers, and also reserve the right to make adjustments to stories themselves, Har said.Most writers aren’t paid, by do get considerable exposure – the company boasts millions of readers around the world.

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