Who is nash grier dating

As we started hanging out, we developed more & more of a trust for each other, one that continues to change my life for the better.As I begin to describe her (& our relationship) all words seem to lose meaning & don't really do any justice.Internet star who became known for his comedic sketch videos on You Tube and Vine.He earned over 12 million Vine followers and his You Tube channel has amassed more than 4.7 million subscribers.You are changing this world one person at a time & I'm so thankful I'm one of those people, love you.In 2016, rumors bombarded Nash's fan that the actor got engaged to his girlfriend.Though Nash had already apologized for the video by giving out a tweet to his fans, Ariel seemed to take that rant filled video too closely.Ariel Winter responded to his tweet from the past, which expressed her disgust towards his action back then and said that the star repeatedly takes on the gay sexuality and talks about it in an insulting way, and also being a misogynist and pointed to his multiple anti-social acts. But still, those are the personal thoughts of a person. Nash Grier was born on 1997, December 28, in Greensboro to parents Chad Grier and Elizabeth Grier.

He first joined the You Tube world in November of 2013 and was earning 100,000 new followers per week for a time. In 2015, Time Magazine recognized him as one of the 30 most influential people on the internet.

The couple started dating in early 2015, but never confirmed the relationship officially until Nash shared an Instagram picture on April 19, 2016. When we first started talking I was skeptical about relationships & the pros/cons that come with one.

Over time I even built up a hatred for people that were using relationships & other people for their gain.

Well, why wouldn’t they, as Taylor herself shared a picture of a giant rock resting on her ring finger.

Caption: Taylor Giavasis showing off her ring which went on to circulate her engagement rumors.

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