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I had to ask for 20 cents from people to use the facilities! When I was on Strictly, there was some silly story saying I took the longest time in hair and make-up. Fell into the hole on the night, then had to pretend it was part of the act.

What is the strangest thing you’ve read about yourself?

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Peter Andre and Emily Mac Donagh married in 2015 The singer and TV personality, who has two older children Junior and Princess from his marriage to Katie Price, tells HELLO!

The couple, who have two children together, Amelia and Theo, have recently taken a step away from the limelight with their family in an attempt to protect their children.

She's awesome but we're not an official item as she's just come out of a relationship and, as we all know, I have commitment issues!

The 28 year old said: "We have a really happy life but he’s been through things and that's resulted in anxiety. I’ve dealt with it in the past, both personally and professionally, and it gave me a good platform to help him." Here’s everything you need to know about the happy duo, from how their romance started to where they are now: Emily became a qualified doctor following in the footsteps of her father who is in the medical profession, too.

Although they didn’t immediately fall into each other’s arm, as they we’re both in relationships.

Since then, he has appeared in many TV series and programmes, most recently Peter Andre’s Sixty Minute Makeover and last year’s Strictly Come Dancing. My father always encouraged me to listen to artists like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, so I’m now mixing it up and getting into swing. Did you enjoy your experience on Strictly Come Dancing? You’re working on a campaign with Boots Opticians…My eldest daughter was getting headaches – it turned out she needed an eye test and a prescription for glasses.

Peter, 43, lives in Surrey with his second wife, Emily Mac Donagh, and has three children, Junior, 10, and eight-year-old Princess with his ex-wife Katie Price, and two-year-old Amelia with Emily. So I’m pleased to be working with Boots Opticians to launch Zookeeper Zoe, a free eye-check storybook to help raise awareness of how important regular eye checks are for children. One time I was rehearsing a concert and we discovered a hole in the stage.

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