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Her dream since she was a small child was to play tennis, which is encouraged by her father, who had dreams of a pro tennis career when younger.Her best friend is Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald, and she is fiercely loyal to her.There was just something about the angry young man that appealed to her.

Whitney was content to let tennis rule her life, never dating or getting seriously involved, until Frank Lomax came to town.A blind date her mother set her and Theresa up on with two guys from the hospital, Mark and Gary, turned out to be equally disasterous.Whitney pretty much gave up on dating until Chad Harris showed up in Harmony.Even though Chad told Simone he loved her, he thought it was Whitney. Whitney turned her back on a relationship wiht Chad after Simone was hit by a car, swearing that as long as Simone was still in love with Chad, she was never going to actively pursue him.Chad gave up on her, and began spending time with a new girl named Kelly. just happened to walk in and find her, topless, all over Chad, and he blew up.

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