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You can only meet him if you chose to join the basketball club. He is gardener from another school who shows up at Sweet Amoris to help with the gardening club.

He thinks you are cute and is eager to let you know it.His best friend is Lysander and he can't stand Nathaniel. Well technically you already knew him since he went to the same school as you before. He starts off as a clingy boy madly in love with your candy.You could say the meanest things to him and he'd still pop up randomly offering you cookies. If you were nice to you he still likes you but is not nearly as obsessive as he was before. He is a basketball player from another school that visits your school as part of a traveling program. A girl who moves from an unnamed school to Sweet Amoris High at the beginning of the game.She is an Ordinary High-School Student who gets caught up in the lives of her classmates—especially the cute ones.

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